v. & n.
—v. (past gave; past part. given)
1 tr. (also absol.; often foll. by to) transfer the possession of freely; hand over as a present (gave them her old curtains; gives to cancer research).
2 tr. a transfer the ownership of with or without actual delivery; bequeath (gave him pound200 in her will). b transfer, esp. temporarily or for safe keeping; hand over; provide with (gave him the dog to hold; gave them a drink). c administer (medicine). d deliver (a message) (give her my best wishes).
3 tr. (usu. foll. by for) make over in exchange or payment; pay; sell (gave him pound30 for the bicycle).
4 tr. a confer; grant (a benefit, an honour, etc.). b accord; bestow (one's affections, confidence, etc.). c award; administer (one's approval, blame, etc.); tell, offer (esp. something unpleasant) (gave him a talking-to; gave him my blessing; gave him the sack). d pledge, assign as a guarantee (gave his word).
5 tr. a effect or perform (an action etc.) (gave him a kiss; gave a jump). b utter (gave a shriek).
6 tr. allot; assign; grant (was given the contract).
7 tr. (in passive; foll. by to) be inclined to or fond of (is given to speculation).
8 tr. yield as a product or result (the lamp gives a bad light; the field gives fodder for twenty cows).
9 intr. a yield to pressure; become relaxed; lose firmness (this elastic doesn't give properly). b collapse (the roof gave under the pressure).
10 intr. (usu. foll. by of) grant; bestow (gave freely of his time).
11 tr. a commit, consign, or entrust (gave him into custody; give her into your care). b sanction the marriage of (a daughter etc.).
12 tr. devote; dedicate (gave his life to table tennis; shall give it my attention).
13 tr. (usu. absol.) colloq. tell what one knows (What happened? Come on, give!).
14 tr. present; offer; show; hold out (gives no sign of life; gave her his arm; give him your ear).
15 tr. Theatr. read, recite, perform, act, etc. (gave them Hamlet's soliloquy).
16 tr. impart; be a source of (gave him my sore throat; gave its name to the battle; gave me much pain; gives him a right to complain).
17 tr. allow (esp. a fixed amount of time) (can give you five minutes).
18 tr. (usu. foll. by for) value (something) (gives nothing for their opinions).
19 tr. concede; yield (I give you the victory).
20 tr. deliver (a judgement etc.) authoritatively (gave his verdict).
21 tr. Cricket (of an umpire) declare (a batsman) out or not out.
22 tr. toast (a person, cause, etc.) (I give you our President).
23 tr. provide (a party, meal, etc.) as host (gave a banquet).
1 capacity to yield or bend under pressure; elasticity (there is no give in a stone floor).
2 ability to adapt or comply (no give in his attitudes).
Phrases and idioms:
give and take exchange (words, blows, or concessions).
—n. an exchange of words etc.; a compromise. give as good as one gets retort adequately in words or blows. give away
1 transfer as a gift.
2 hand over (a bride) ceremonially to a bridegroom.
3 betray or expose to ridicule or detection.
4 Austral. abandon, desist from, give up, lose faith or interest in. give-away n.
1 an inadvertent betrayal or revelation.
2 an act of giving away.
3 a free gift; a low price. give back return (something) to its previous owner or in exchange. give a person the best see BEST. give birth (to) see BIRTH. give chase pursue a person, animal, etc.; hunt. give down (often absol.) (of a cow) let (milk) flow. give forth emit; publish; report. give the game (or show) away reveal a secret or intention. give a hand see HAND. give a person (or the devil) his or her due acknowledge, esp. grudgingly, a person's rights, abilities, etc.
give in
1 cease fighting or arguing; yield.
2 hand in (a document etc.) to an official etc. give in marriage sanction the marriage of (one's daughter etc.). give it to a person colloq. scold or punish. give me I prefer or admire (give me the Greek islands). give off emit (vapour etc.). give oneself (of a woman) yield sexually. give oneself airs act pretentiously or snobbishly.
give oneself up to
1 abandon oneself to an emotion, esp. despair.
2 addict oneself to. give on to (or into) (of a window, corridor, etc.) overlook or lead into. give or take colloq. add or subtract (a specified amount or number) in estimating.
give out
1 announce; emit; distribute.
2 cease or break down from exhaustion etc.
3 run short. give over 1 colloq. cease from doing; abandon (a habit etc.); desist (give over sniffing).
2 hand over.
3 devote. give rise to cause, induce, suggest.
give tongue
1 speak one's thoughts.
2 (of hounds) bark, esp. on finding a scent. give a person to understand inform authoritatively.
give up
1 resign; surrender.
2 part with.
3 deliver (a wanted person etc.).
4 pronounce incurable or insoluble; renounce hope of.
5 renounce or cease (an activity). give up the ghost archaic or colloq. die. give way see WAY. give a person what for colloq. punish or scold severely. give one's word (or word of honour) promise solemnly. not give a damn (or monkey's or toss etc.) colloq. not care at all. what gives? colloq. what is the news?; what's happening? would give the world (or one's ears, eyes, etc.) for covet or wish for desperately.
giveable adj. giver n.
Etymology: OE g(i)efan f. Gmc

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